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Post  elephantastic on Fri Nov 19, 2010 1:38 pm

The light from the setting sun pours in through the tall windows and dances across the scuffed wooden floors. If there were traffic on these lazy suburban streets it would be clearly audible, but instead scattered birdsong interspersed with occasional barks drifts in. The semi-circular shape makes it possible to see everything happening at the end of “Beach Avenue” from a perch on the back of the couch. This is the place to be when you’re expecting an exciting visitor. From the comfortable lookout post on the back of the couch, you can see any approaching car for a block in every direction.
The couch itself at first glance is nothing much to look at. It’s off white upholstery is a bit faded, and the seats look lumpy and not at all inviting, but the real attraction of the couch is in its conversions. That couch also holds a realm of pull-out possibilities, it can become a starship or a fortress, or the host to the best sleepover, with just a few simple adjustments. The old-fashioned iron lamp stands between the couch and the piano, a reference to older times. It stands a bit slanted, as though a screw is loose somewhere, but it has a type of old fashioned beauty to it nonetheless.
The shiny black piano hides shyly in the corner of the tiny room, managing to take up a quarter of the space in an unassuming way. One might not even notice it, but for the way everything else in the room is oriented towards it. The couch is positioned to be the audience, and the lamp is the illuminator of sheet music. When the music starts, that’s when the magic happens. Every morning, starting at 6, music wafts down from this room to the intersection below, scales, arpeggios, sonatas, concertos, smooth jazz. Dog walkers and joggers stop on their way to listen, before continuing, their day brightened just a little.


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Post  MaryShelley on Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:17 pm

Elephantastic, please do reveal your true identity in a separate email to me so that I can credit you accordingly. this freewrite reflects a comprehensive response to the assignment. by semi-circular, do you mean a bay window? I liked seeing the room in real time as the sun was flooding in before learning of it's significance. I also like the voice that reveals itself in this narration via the precise description of the view, the couch's many uses and the final focus on the piano. I like very much how the person at the piano is not revealed such that the reader experiences it just as do the passers-by.


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