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Post  Admin on Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:53 pm

What are the things you love, the things you hate? List them in two columns. Then write a poem that combines something you love w something you hate.

"Why not?"

"Just because."

The fickle rules of lovers.
Today a hug, a kiss
Tonight a promise of more
(and also less).
A promise to be broken

By another's wants
(things change so fast)
(grow modesty, consciousness on demand).

When does one promise break another?
When to bite,
When to not leave marks,
And when even free speech,
Free thinking aloud
Becomes a Never.
For nothing.

I suppose sometimes loving two things
Can ruin them both:
Put a batch of cookies in the oven
And sit down with a book while they bake;
The distraction lets them burn
And you cut your hand on the pages
Scrambling to pull the sheet from the heat.

But why must a lie be formed?
You can bake a batch of cookies
And read while you eat them.

Even if you disappear
Like a shadow
Why lose yourself?

Ghost stories
Under the stars,
Beneath the bending boughs of trees.

No sex, no love
No problem.
But why go?
Why leave me to these questions
for an arbitrary rule
If it makes us both sick?

Love Hate
Food No
Snow Humidity
Hugs Sickness
Sex Modesty
Books Papercuts
Questions Burnt Cookies
Ghosts Shadows
Trees Lies
Stars Never
Clouds Broken Promises
Biting Arbitrary Constraints


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Post  MaryShelley on Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:51 pm

A lovely poem that addresses much of your list in its meandering way. You might revisit specific stanzas around logic of expression within rhythm. Nice work.


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